WPTV's 'Back-to-School' Expo was held Saturday at Boca Raton's Town Center

WPTV's Back-to-School Expo at the Boca Raton Town Center happened Saturday.

Several representatives from schools and universities were on hand so that parents and kids could get helpful "back-to-school" tips.

Kids also got to have some fun with studio equipment.

WPTV Chief Meteorologist Steve Weagle said, "It's fantastic that we can set up the green screen that we use in the studio every night and show kids how we actually do it on tv. Pointing at the board and nothing showing up behind you just the green... How we look at the monitors to see it so it's exciting to see the kids see that in person."

Several familiar faces from our WPTV NewsChannel faces from our several familiar several familiar faces from our wptv newschannel 5 family were able to join in the fun at the back to school expo... And they were also posing for a lot of selfies with you all at the event.

See the photos here: http://bit.ly/XqvhiV

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