Eugene Gross: World War II man honored for time in military

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Eugene Gross is fulfilling a dream of a lifetime.

The organization "Honor Flight" is flying Eugene to Washington D.C. to honor him for his military service during World War II.

Eugene said, "I am very excited to go because one fellow in this development went and he told me you would never forget what they do for you there."

The 90 year old joined the Navy in 1942.

"The main of job of our ship was to escort the tankers that fueled the big ships like the aircraft carriers and the battle ships and all of those ships. We had I think three to six tankers there, loaded with fuel and we were a little behind them in the battle, " said Eugene.

Eugene says it's an honor to visit the monuments in D.C. that remind Americans those who lost their lives during battle.

"According to them, we are going to see all of the plaques they put up for the Navy and the big plaque is where we fought in every war and it gives some of the names and I don't remember that other thing. I'll also see Arlington National Cemetery," he said.

This trip will be another wonderful adventure to add to his long life. 

Married for 65 years, four children and three grandchildren. Now it's a trip to honor him and other military personnel on September 7.

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