Wild cats: The Royal Palm neighborhood in Boca Raton is under siege

BOCA RATON, Fla. - A Boca Raton neighborhood is under siege with the population growth of wild cats.

"They just go under our cars and lay there, when we come, they just meow and go away," said Brooks Inskeep, 5, of Royal Palm.

Well, he's not exactly right. The cats don't go away. They swarm, they gather, they hang.

They've got names, too. "Whitey. Blackey. Stripe. Gray." And they've got friends, like Linda Kulman.

"We feed them a little breakfast. We feed them some dinner," said Kulman.

Kulman is one of a few people who have set out food and water for their neighborhood friends, the cats - who are now catching the attention of their HOA.

The Royal Palm Improvement Association sent a letter to homeowners in January, saying that the stray problem is growing worse.

They warned that some people have even hired rogue animal trappers who capture and kill the animals.

"Without naming names, I've been told who two of these people are, and I think it's disgraceful," said Kulman.

So the HOA says they're starting a capture, neuter and return program - a program they hope will slow the population growth but not eliminate them from the neighborhood's streets.

After all, once animals have names, they're safe. The younger the fans, the safer they are.

"They just sit up on the hedge. And they sit there and lick themselves," said Inskeep's big sister, Bailey.

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