Wet weather could ruin weekend plans

With four weddings on the books for this weekend, Benny Ofer is working feverishly to get all the decorations done. What he can't arrange is the whim of mother nature - his first thought is to ask for divine intervention.
"I'm just doing this," says Ofer, the owner of Daniel Events, as he puts his hands together as if to pray.
Then he prepares for plan B; schedule an inside venue as a backup or shell out the money for a tent.
"If it's a high chance of rain, and they're willing to go for it because you know, it's money spent," says Ofer.
He wants to avoid heavy rains like what we saw Wednesday morning in Boca Raton. The intersection of SW 3rd Ave and 1st Street was covered with water. But even that, he says, he can plan for. The one scenario that could be out of his hands, extreme weather.

"If there's power, there's a wedding, if there's no power, there's no wedding," says Ofer.

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