West Boca High students want to remember a fellow student, Savannah Cash, at graduation

She died three years ago from a brain tumor

BOCA RATON, Fla. - West Boca High School student Savannah Cash died three years ago from a brain tumor.

She should be graduating on May 24th.

Monday night, four of her friends say all they want is to hear Savannah's name spoken at graduation.

But the principal says it's not an appropriate venue.

"It was her crossing the stage, graduating. And I woke up, and I was sad, thinking about the whole thing. And then I said, 'you know what, I think she's trying to tell me, go to graduation dad, and see all my friends graduate,' " said Shannon Cash, Savannah's father, of a dream he had a month ago.

But what will he hear?

After being told by the school board that recognizing deceased students is up to the principal, he dropped it.

But Savannah's friends didn't.

"She fought as much as she could. She stayed so positive through everything. And that's how we want to be," said senior Allie Bloom.

Principal Mark Stenner says they would be more likely to honor a student if she had died her senior year. He says there will be a yearbook page for Savannah, which isn't good enough for her friend Drew Strochak.

"If it was anybody's child, I'm sure they would want them to be acknowledged at the graduation," said Strochak.

But Savannah's dad says her friends have it backwards.

For three years, he's watched Savannah's best friends grow so much.

If her friends want it, he says, then it should be.

"When, in all of their happiness, and all of their excitement with their families, they want Savannah's name to be there with them, then that says to me, it should happen," said Cash.

The principal stands by his decision, saying that he offered a chance for them to talk about her at Tuesday night's senior awards assembly.

Cash says he'll be at graduation, one way or the other.

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