Viral video explains how to survive mass shooting

Former Chief: "Be responsible for your own safety"

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Mass shootings are happening frequently enough that some cities are now taking a pro-active approach with their communities. The City of Houston recently launched a campaign to educate the residents there.

A video dramatization sets up workplace shooting. It's meant to get your full attention. It explains what you can do if a gunman walks into your building. Your options - run, hide, or as a last resort - fight.
"It puts a mindset that you're not sheep to the slaughter. You need to be responsible for your survival, run, hide or you can confront," says former Boca Raton Police Chief Andrew Scott.
Houston's Mayor used Homeland Security Grant money to produce this video. We shared the video with residents in Boca Raton 
"It's gripping and effective," says Boca Raton resident Brenda Weber.
Gordon and Brenda Weber were shocked by the video. But say it's a serious topic that can't be ignored. It forced them to consider their options.
"Would I run or hide or go for it? I'm going to decide ahead of time when my temperament is," says Gordon Weber.
"That looks like a normal office, like mine, like me being at the office day to day and having that kind of response," says Brenda.
Former Chief Scott wants the video to turn into more. He's challenging businesses and corporations to step up and add this to their crisis training.
"Every entity should train on this and what to do," says Scott.
"It should be part of training, we're like sitting ducks," says Gordon.
Such heinous crimes aren't home to Aurora, Colorado, or outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the truth is it can happen anywhere.
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