Matthew Snow, U.S. Navy sailor, dies after Boca stabbing

BOCA RATON, Fla. - A U.S. Navy sailor, who was one of two victims in a March 25 stabbing that led to a standoff on Palm Beach, died last night from his injuries, according to the Boca Raton Police Department.

Charges are now upgraded against the man whom police say killed sailor Matthew Snow.

Paul Charles sits in jail, with upgraded charges of murder in the 1st degree.

The victim's mother and girlfriend are shattered beyond belief trying to comprehend how a Navy sailor with a heart of gold and a long life ahead of him is gone.

Rachel Dillon knows her son Matthew was special.

"He was always the type that if he sees someone who was in trouble, he would jump in to help," said Dillon.

The 22-year-old Navy sailor was home on break when,  police say, Paul Charles stabbed Matthew and his girlfriend Vanessa in a domestic dispute. One that  lead to a 5 hour standoff on Palm Beach last Monday.

"This was the hardest thing ever, I would not wish this on anyone," said Dillon.

The memory remains a nightmare for Vanessa, "what might have been" is what she will  live with forever.

"He just loved everyone, he loved his friends, he loved his family, never any hesitation in helping people, " said Vanessa.

Which is why Rachel wants everyone to know why her son was remarkable.

"You could not describe Matthew in one word, he was just loving, caring, and compassionate. I mean he was just everything," said Dillon.

 Paul Charles is expected in court Wednesday morning.

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