University of Alabama's band practice at Boca Raton High School is homecoming for one member

Bama band practice for BCS at Boca High is special

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- They might not be performing in front of 76,000 fans like at Sun Life Stadium, but with one day left until the BCS National Championship, the pressure is on for the University of Alabama's "Million Dollar Band."

"If you play this too slow you walk back to Tuscaloosa drum majors," Dr. Ken Ozzello said. "No pressure."

No pressure at all. It's only a 745 mile walk from Boca Raton High School where they're practicing back to Tuscaloosa.

If they're lucky though, maybe they can stay at freshman Crimsonette Katie Engleson's house.

Her family lives only a few miles away from Boca High and she's taking full advantage.

"It's great to be back home and eating good and healthy good," she said.
She gets to enjoy her mom's home cooking, but she doesn't get to sleep in her own bed.  

"I'm staying in a hotel because it's easier that way so I can stay with the team," Katie said. "My parents want me out of their house! Just kidding."

Her mom Wendy is just happy she gets a free seat to see her daughter.

"With the Crimsonettes it's hard to come home because likes when everyone else goes home she has to stay at practice," Wendy said.

This is the Million Dollar band's third national championship performance in four years.

It will be Katie's first, but not the first time she's performed at Sun Life Stadium.

"What's really great is I was able to twirl at Sun Life Stadium in High School at St. Thomas Aquinas because we were national champions in football my freshman year so it's kind of like that again," Katie added.

Back then her high school was a national champion.

Tomorrow she hopes her Crimson Tide roll on to be national champions too.

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