Tri-County Animal Rescue will waive adoption fees for female dogs this Mother's Day weekend

One local animal shelter is running a mother’s day special, hoping to get more female dogs adopted.

Skylar is reunited with two of her pups after giving birth several weeks ago.

She sniffs, licks and checks them out, eventually wanting to play.

But play time will soon be over as Skylar’s pups will most likely be adopted and she’ll be left behind.

Suzi Goldsmith with Tri County Animal Rescue said it’s hard to get adult dogs, especially mothers adopted.

"People chose not to adopt the moms because perhaps they feel like they're older. They've had litters,” said Goldsmith.

So this Mother’s Day weekend, the Rescue will waive adoption fees for dogs who’ve recently given birth.

Goldsmith said, "Everybody comes in and they want those cute little puppies that waddle around so the adults are overlooked in many instances."

Out of the 200 dogs at the shelter, three recently gave birth, including Skylar who has been there for 60 days.

She was rescued from another shelter that most likely would have put her down.

Goldsmith said adopting puppies are great, but warns it’s like taking care of a newborn, 24 hours around the clock.

Goldsmith said, "People should really think in terms of adopting an older dog, whether the dog is seven months old or seven years old because there's not as much responsibility."

But there is a lot of love.

Adoptees are still financially responsible for rabies shots and chips.

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