Tips for parents getting their kids ready to go back to school

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. - School starts in public schools across our viewing area on Monday, August 18. But some parents are still getting ready to send their kids back to class.

At Snipedy Do Dahs Salon in Boca Raton, the barber chairs were filled with kids of all ages, getting their hair cut before the first day of school.

The kids' parents were at the salon as well, taking advantage of the last few days of summer.

Sally Baldock says, "You just try to enjoy the last few days that they're going to be at home with you. Then, you kind of get excited that everyone is going to be out of the house."

At the Target store in Lantana, parents were scrambling to get last minute supplies, clothes and food for school lunches. One mother said she had a hard time finding copy paper and green uniform shirts, so she suggested shopping earlier next year.

When it comes to the first day of school, parents have more advice for those sending their kids off for the first time.

"Make sure you have your clothes ready so you don't get stressed out and just be ready to give them a big hug," says Sally Baldock.

Mary Dever adds, "Enjoy it, because it's just part of the process. But don't show that you're scared because they will get scared as well."


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