Ticket sales slow for opening game at FAU football stadium

School leaders say final push will fill stands

BOCA RATON, Fla. - In about a week's time, FAU will open its much anticipated 30,000 seat football stadium. Ticket sales are sort of in a slump; only 5,000 season tickets have been sold. One went to die hard fan Kristen Radcliffe.

"I wouldn't be anywhere else, to have our own stadium now is an absolutely awesome thing for FAU," says Radcliffe.

Fewer than 10,000 tickets are purchased for opening day. Athletic Director Craig Angelos says 12,000 seats need to sell for every game in order to pay off stadium loans.

"We're looking to hit all our goals and when it comes to 12,000 tickets per game, it looks like something we'll definitely hit," says Angelos. "Every empty seat is lost revenue."

The university is also counting on millions of dollars in revenue for naming rights to the stadium and the field. It received $2 million for the video board from the Schmidt family, but still hopes to sell rights to other parts of the stadium.

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