Teen arrested in connection with vehicle vandalism spree in Boca Raton

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- Police have arrested a teen Wednesday in connection to the vandalism of vehicles in several Boca Raton communities over the last eight days.

Tucker Lipinski, 19, is accused of spray painting and defacing vehicles by using red and black spray paint to write the words "anonymous" and "truth," as well as symbols like pentagrams and the numbers "666."

Vandalism was reported in the evening in residential development along St Andrews Boulevard, including Millpond, Timbercreek, Strathmore, New Floresta, and the Colonades, as well as Patch Reef Park, the Ale House on Yamato Road and the Gables of Town Place apartments, according to police.

At the Ale House, a witness said he saw a man spray painting vehicles and provided a physical description and vehicle description to police.

Members of Boca Raton's tactical team were conducting surveillance on St Andrews Boulevard Wednesday when they spotted Lipinski driving a car similar to the one seen at the Ale House.

Officers stopped Lipinski and contacted his mother, the owner of the car. Officers discovered spray paint and Lipinski admitted to committing the vandalisms, according to an arrest report.

Lipinski was charged with multiple counts of vandalism.

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