Suburban Boca Raton home health aide arrested for forgery

A suburban Boca Raton woman was arrested on Thursday after she was accused of cashing the forged checks of a 78-year-old suburban Boynton Beach woman.

Marta C. Prado, 61, was released from the Palm Beach County Jail on Friday after posting a $20,000 surety bond. She is facing two counts of uttering forged checks, two counts of forgery, grand theft from a person older than 65 years of age and scheme to defraud.

Palm Beach County Sheriff's detectives began investigating the case after they learned that Prado had allegedly forged two checks from the 78-year-old woman she was working for as a home health aide in suburban Boynton Beach from December 2011 through December 2012.

From their investigation, detectives learned that one of the checks that was initially made out to "Cash" and was written for $25, had a "2" added to it, totalling $225. They also learned of a $325 forged check that was cashed by Prado, according to the arrest report.

When confronted by detectives on Thursday, Prado admitted to changing the check's amount from $25 to $225, the arrest report stated. She also admitted to filling out a check for $325 and depositing it in her bank account.