State Rep. Irv Slosberg pledges to pressure BOA on Boca squatters' home

BOCA RATON, Fla. - State Rep. Irv Slosberg pledged tonight to fight for repeal of the controversial "squatters" law that seems to allow anyone who pays taxes to win the title to an abandoned home.

Neighbors on Golden Harbour Dr. are growing angrier by the second as they look at 580 Golden Harbour Drive, knowing that at least one squatter is inside.

Police cars are suddenly typical, media seem to camp out 24-hours-a-day and a German TV crew showed up on Tuesday night.

Rick Catinella has spent the last five weeks peering through his hedges at the squatters.

"They're just sitting on the counter, drinking and eating, just like they own the place," said Cantinella.

Catinella says today, an American flag was put up in the window.

"I guess this is the land of the free," he said.

Neighbors are worried about property values and safety.

"These guys are more than squatters, they're a bunch of bad guys," said neighbor Mike Avirom.

He spoke to State Rep. Irv Slosberg, who we arranged to speak with them via Skype this evening from Tallahassee.

"I'm going to try my best to repeal it," said Slosberg.

But more than a repeal of the law, these neighbors want the squatters out now.

The neighbors say the owner of the home, Bank of America, has been too soft on the squatters, that their letter asking the squatters to leave, was not enough.

"Is there any way that someone, either you or somebody else, an elected official in Tallahassee can make Bank of America just evict these people?" asked neighbor Art Grossman.

"They have a moral obligation to the community. They know what they have to do. If my office has to call Bank of America, we will call Bank of America," said Slosberg.

Slosberg says he's going to call Wednesday,  an answer for these neighbors, in a situation where there seems to be few of them.

"Nobody has gotten to BOA yet, god help him, if he can do it, we're all on his side," said Grossman.

Slosberg says he may have to file an amendment, because the deadline to file bills for the upcoming session has come and gone.


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