Shoppers uneasy over latest crime originating in Boca Town Center Mall parking lot

Detectives say suspect followed shoppers from mall

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Shopping at the Boca Town Center Mall is anything but carefree and fun for Idey Elias.

"I feel frightened, I'm always looking around. I park close to the store & where theres a lot of activity," says Elias.

Six years ago her daughter Randi Gorenberg was followed from the mall and found shot to death in Delray Beach.

An arrest late last week reveals another crime that ended in murder, originated in the mall parking lot.

Detectives say Kareem Williams followed an 80 year-old man and his daughter all the way from the mall to their Boynton Beach home in January. Williams attacked and robbed them, the man died a few weeks later.
Shoppers are stunned to hear it.

"You think they were relentless and they were serious, no qualms about hurting someone, that's scary," says Nickelle Kellough.

There were five violent crimes at the mall last year, including a brazen Saks Fifth Avenue robbery in September. The robbers got away.

"We've always been aware it's a target for certain types of crime. It's a concern, but it's a concern anywhere in South Florida," says Officer Sandra Boonenberg of the Boca Raton Police Department.

Mall security along with Boca Raton police say they're constantly patrolling. In fact, officers prevented a potential crime last November when two men were found prowling the parking lot. They were convicted felons, allegedly armed with a gun, knife, brass knuckles and a mask in the car.

"I have a false sense of security when I come to the mall thinking everything is better, but I guess not. Maybe I won't come as often," says Kellough.

Officer Boonenberg hopes you will follow her lead.

"I do go to the mall and every time I drive home I check to see if someone is following me. I may be paranoid but I do that. You have to be aware of your surroundings," says Boonenberg.

Williams is in jail facing for the murder in January. But the murders of Randi Gorenberg and Nancy and Joey Bochicchio in 2007, remain unsolved.

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