Shalamar Major & Tanisha Wright tax fraud guilty pleas after working at Boca Raton Regional Hospital

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Two people have admitted involvement in a tax fraud scheme using Social Security numbers and other patient information stolen from a South Florida hospital.

Prosecutors said Tuesday that 32-year-old Shalamar Major and 27-year-old Tanisha Wright pleaded guilty to a variety of charges in Fort Lauderdale federal court. They both face lengthy prison terms at sentencing July 22.

Court documents show that Major obtained the sensitive patient data while working as a scheduler last year at Boca Raton Regional Hospital. Major provided the names to Wright, who used the information to file at least 57 fraudulent federal income tax returns.

The total in refunds requested topped $306,000. Prosecutors say Wright had the money deposited directly onto debit cards that were stolen out of the U.S. mail.


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