Russian and Ukrainian communities in South Florida react to plane being shot down over Ukraine

Is this incident related to ongoing violence?

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Ukrainians and Russians in south Florida are reacting to Malaysian Flight MH17 being shot down.

People from the Russian community living in Boca Raton worry this may be a sign of how bad things in the region have become.

Russian and International Market in West Boca Raton is like a little piece of Russia thousands of miles away. For the people eating and shopping here, Thursday's tragedy hits close to home. They say the hardest part is the helpless feeling that there's nothing they can do from here to help.

Ukrainians like Vladimir Dzyadyk have more questions than answers about the passenger plane being shot down over eastern Ukraine. "Why has this happened?" he asks. "'We will see. I don't have any answers for today."

Dzyadyk was eating lunch when he learned the plane carrying 295 people was shot down over his home country. He assumes violence between Ukraine and pro-Russia rebels in the area led to the tragedy. But both groups deny any involvement.

"This is very sad. This is kneel down and pray and cry because a lot of people died for nothing," Dzyadyk said.

Business at the Russian market came to a short stop when news of the unexpected tragedy spread. While the search is on to find who is responsible, people at the market are still taking in the full impact of the incident.

"Any death of human beings is terrible," explained Liuba, a Russian citizen who didn't want to share her last name. "It doesn't matter their religion or nation so I feel extremely sorry for those people and their families."

Now, Liuba and Dzyadyk wonder what the future has for their countries. "I think everybody, Russian and Ukrainian, need to pray and ask God to stop this because it is very serious," the Ukrainian said.

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