'Rock The Vote' blasts through Mizner Park, excites voters of all ages

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- A major cleanup effort was underway Monday night at Mizner Park as crews worked into Tuesday morning cleaning up the aftermath of the "Rock The Vote" debate watch party.
The night started out with a DJ but attentions quickly shifted to a near hour long performance by the rock band, "Neon Trees."

After their loud performance, the band exited the stage where then all eyes were glued on a massive screen showing the third and final presidential debate.

"Both Obama and Romney have their talking points. I haven't heard anything new. They were talking about their foreign policy tonight. I am very disappointed," said Kevin McCloskey, a Plantation resident.

Other voters felt differently and felt President Obama had won the debate on Monday night.

"Obama's strong in what he's saying. He's been the president for four years. He has the experience, he's the insider, he knows what's going on," said Mona Faessen, a Boca Raton resident.

There was undoubtedly a strong showing of supporter for President Obama, there was also a decent amount of people scattered throughout the crowd who were strong Governor Romney supporters.

"I thought Mitt Romney, the governor was extremely presidential tonight. I thought he answered very precise in a very knowledgeable way," said Rion Choate, a Boca Raton visitor.

A Rock The Vote spokesperson said the event had a strong turnout of about 3,000 people.

The debate and show was broadcasted live on Xbox 360 to users, a first according the Rock The Vote.

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