Road closures revealed for debate day in Boca Raton

Police: avoid Military Trail if you can on Monday

BOCA RATON, Fla. -  It's still seven days away, but Boca Raton police want drivers to know now - anticipate heavy traffic for the debate next Monday. 

Potential snarls could happen all day long. Signs are now posted around the Lynn University area indicating what will be closed.

"Give yourself extra time, we can expect traffic tie ups," says Mark Economou, with the Boca Raton Police Dept.

Maybe by the end of the week drivers will know, we spoke with some who had no idea.

"Honestly I didn't know they were closing, I don't think it will effect me," says Ian Yaskowski.

Military Trail will be closed from Yamato Road to Potomac Road. Potomac Road will be closed from NW 24th Avenue to Military Trail. Spanish River Boulevard will be closed from Broken Sound Boulevard to Military Trail. Each of the closures will last from 6a.m. Monday until 2a.m. Tuesday.

"We've been in contact with businesses and doctors offices that have even adjusted their schedules with clients and patients," says Economou.

There are already road closures on campus. Perimeter Road that goes along the north side of Lynn University is closed to students and staff. They don't mind.

"It's totally worth it, to have the debate here, what an opportunity," says Stefanie Powers, who works at the school.

Parking is disappearing on campus as more security appears. All to prepare for the night the nation and much of the world will focus on Boca Raton at Lynn University.

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