Richard Lyon: Boca Raton man arrested on child pornography charges

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Richard Lyon has been arrested by Boca Raton police and charged with downloading child pornography on his computer.

An arrest report issued by the police says that Lyon had been working as a live in handyman in a Boca Raton house last year between February and May.

The homeowner says that Lyon was hired after he posted an ad on Lyon was given his own room and a computer to use.

The homeowner told police that Lyon quit after a pay dispute last May. After Lyon left the computer was checked by the homeowner, who claims child pornography had been downloaded.

Boca Raton police say that Lyon told them that he never touched any children and the child pornography came up on the internet while searching online.

Lyon later told police that he was writing an article for Yahoo news about child pornography and viewed sites for research purposes only.

Police arrested Lyons and charged him with possession of child pornography.

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