Restaurants on edge a week after Boca shooting

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The rituals of a restaurant seldom change.

"We spray our mats down, all of our garbage needs to be thrown out," Timothy Steven, a bartender at Arturo's Restaurant on Federal Hwy. in Boca Raton.

But sometimes, times change.

"We've been here for thirty years. Nothing of this has ever happened that we know of," said Vincenzo Gismondi, the owner of Arturo's.

At Arturo's they've got security cameras and now, a new directive.

Anything done outside is done in pairs.

"You've heard of the safety in numbers type of deal. When you're by yourself you're most vulnerable, so we do try to go two, three, four at a time," said Steven.

So its been, for a week.

A closing-time robbery down the street at Josephine's left Rafael Rodriguez, 46, dead.

Since the suspects entered through the back door, restaurants we spoke to have been more careful to lock doors at night.

Gary Woo, the owner of an Asian Bistro has extra lighting. But vulnerability still seems inevitable.

"You gotta do what you gotta do to function properly and keep a healthy atmosphere," said Woo.

The death of Rodriguez and the search for a suspect has everyone talking, yet all are not necessarily changing.

Edward Rubino, the owner of Positano, says he has taken all the safety measures he possibly can and works often with police to snuff out suspicious activity.

"This is a great community. I have been in business for twenty years in this town. I will not be in fear in business because of what happened," said Rubino.

Josephine's opened Friday night for the first time since the shooting that claimed the life of Rodriguez.


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