Republicans, Democrats craft ads in hopes of garnering support for candidates

Message behind ads may backfire

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Stumping for Jewish votes may backfire for both Democrats and Republicans in Palm Beach County. New negative ads are popping up between Boca Raton and West Palm Beach targeting Jewish voters.

These ads all targeting one of South Florida's largest voting blocks. One commercial is sponsored by the Republican Jewish Coalition, but the reaction from some Jews is not so positive.

"We're living in a society where we shouldn't be separated and this could cause anti-semetic feelings," says Myrna Skurnick.

"The pandering for the Jewish vote is unbelievable on both sides. The Democrats did it when they took out the Jerusalem angle from the platform. Then Obama put it back in, but first took it out. It was a last minute decision to get the Jewish vote," says Peter Levine.

Although Jews have historically voted Democrat, Rabbi Efrem Goldberg says more and more votes are up for grabs. He says since 9-11, priorities have changed. Some Jews are voting Republican because they're concerned about Israel's safety.

"Our community is most committed, it's top priority is to vote for a candidate who will be strong in stopping Iran and not allowing it to go nuclear. Whoever does the best convincing us they have not just Israel's back, they have our front," says Goldberg.

But the ads seem to annoy rather than appease voters. Some go so far to say they're insulted.

"Everything is negative, very little is positive. If I had the choice I'd opt out and wouldn't vote for any body," says Levine.

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