Republicans back Romney's '47 percent' comment

Hope to hear more of the same in Thursday visit

BOCA RATON, Fla. - On Thursday Governor Mitt Romney will attend two private fundraisers in North Palm Beach. Events very similar to the one at which he was secretly recorded in Boca Raton.

In the video, Romney says a whopping 47% of residents are dependent on the government, and don't pay taxes. 

Sid Dinerstein, the Chairman of Palm Beach County's Republican Party,  hopes Romney will drive home the issue.

"Governor Romney needs to say that in a way that he knows he's being recorded, so it comes out the way he really wants it to come out. Then maybe President Obama can explain why he thinks dependency is better than opportunities," says Dinerstein.

While Republicans want to see more of the same, Democrats are calling on Romney for an apology.

"It's hard to serve as President of America when you write off and insult half of the country you want to lead," says Lori Berman, a local State Representative. 

Democrats say Romney's words insult veterans, students and seniors. They demand an apology, although they say they don't expect to get one.

"I'm not one of the 47% but it's offensive. He degraded people into the have's and have-not's," says Ginger Goldman, a small business owner.

Republicans disagree, adding the comments haven't tarnished Romney's public image.

"This hasn't hurt Mr. Romney one bit in the daily tracking polls. It hasn't cost him anything, and if he makes this the issue, he'll win the election," says Dinerstein.

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