Repairs at Boynton Inlet could reopen jetty soon

Hurricane Sandy's winds closed jetty

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. - Linda Carr probably knows the waters around the Boynton Beach Inlet better than anyone else. She's been fishing there since she was eight years old. She prefers to be casting off at the north side of the jetty.

"There's a lot more fish over there, the bait come down the beach and hit that jetty before them come over here," says Carr.

But she has no choice. That part of it has been closed for a week.

Sandy's ominous waves slammed the jetty nonstop for days, lifting 18 concrete slabs. One even broke through one section of the railing, proving the storms power.

"The slabs weigh 4,000 pounds a piece and it just picked them up and threw them over the side," says Cliff Starrett, with Palm Beach County.

Crews are working every day to repair the damage as fast as possible to open the jetty back up. A temporary fence will do for now.

It could be days before the pump house is back in order. The storm covered it in sand and damaged the electric lines.

"Two lines are badly damaged and another two are loose," says Starrett.

In the meantime Linda will fish from the south side of the inlet. She says there are worse places to fish.

"At least they have this open, otherwise we'd be fishing in the parking lot," says Carr.

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