Ralph Jacobsohn: Boca man felt he was the victim before ramming car with toddler inside, cops say

Ralph Jacobsohn thought the man in the Lexus cut him off in rush-hour traffic.

That's when anger began to boil — and police say it exploded into a full-fledged case of road rage.

Jacobsohn, 63, chased down the other driver and punched him in the face, according to police. He then swung an aluminum baseball bat at the man and eventually rammed the front of his Infiniti into the side of the Lexus, where the victim's 2-year-old son sat in the back seat, scared and crying.

According to the report:

The driver of the Lexus, whom police would not identify, noticed something was wrong around 9:25 a.m. on Aug. 14, as he drove south on Military Trail with his 2-year-old son strapped in a child safety seat in the back.

Looking in his rear-view mirror, the 42-year-old man saw an Infiniti speeding to the inside lane behind him. As he moved into the center lane, the light turned red and traffic slowed.

The driver of the speeding car, later identified as Jacobsohn, got out and walked through traffic and stood by the driver's door of the Lexus.

The man rolled down his window, the report states.

Jacobsohn confronted the man about cutting him off down the road. Seconds later, the report says, Jacobsohn punched him in the face.

It was then that the car wars began.

"It don't have to be like that," the victim said, according to witnesses watching the scene unfold in the roadway.

Jacobsohn then walked to the trunk of his car and pulled out an aluminum baseball bat, police say. But before he could wield it, the light turned green.

The victim, feeling threatened and afraid for his and his 2-year-old son's lives, punched the gas and continued rolling south.

Jacobsohn tossed the bat back in the trunk and followed.

He closely trailed the Lexus, often speeding ahead, cutting in front and hitting his brakes.

It went like that for several blocks, the reports says, until the Lexus turned off Military Trail onto Northwest 19th Street and turned right into the Wyndham Hotel to get away from the raging man behind him.

Jacobsohn didn't let up. He pulled into the hotel parking lot and parked in front of the Lexus.

The victim couldn't move his car, and Jacobsohn walked to his trunk, where he pulled out the aluminum bat again.

He went after the father and swung the bat, the report says. Fearing for his son's safety, the man pushed Jacobsohn into another parked car.

Jacobsohn stopped swinging the bat, but he wasn't done: he jumped in his car, pointed his the front bumper toward the man and pushed his foot onto the gas.