Protestors march on FAU campus against new name of stadium

President Saunders meets with students, faculty

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Students and faculty stomped their way to FAU's stadium hoping to get an answer to why - why is their new stadium going to be named after a company accused of mistreatment?

"When you align yourself with a company that violates human rights? We need to protect the legitimacy of the school," says Dyana Hagen, a student studying social work.

Leaders at Florida Atlantic University announced last week the stadium would be named "Geo Group Stadium", in return for a $6 million gift.

The Geo Group operates private prisons, and is accused by the ACLU and other groups of abusing and neglecting inmates.

University President Mary Jane Saunders agreed to answer students questions, but not faculty and staff.

There was no microphone for President Saunders' responses, and media were not allowed to get close enough to pick up her answers well.

"We saw this as on of our alumni giving back," Saunders remarked at one point.

Several professors walked out disappointed they couldn't hear her, they claimed this wasn't an open forum.

"She didn't hear us or listen to us, just pandered to us," says Hagen.

Not everyone was upset over the GEO Group name.

"It's a great opportunity for the university and it will trickle down into scholarships," says April Turner, a student.

But protestors argue this was over before it started.

"She didn't come to talk, she already had her mind made up and her allegiance is to Geo Group," says student Britni Hiatt.

President Saunders declined opportunities to be interviewed by the media following the meeting.

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