Presidential debate in Boca Raton: Who will be in audience?

Number of guests allowed in still a mystery

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The clock says it's nearly show time at Lynn University. Monday's final presidential debate is a couple days away, and who will be in the audience is still unknown.

The Commission on Presidential Debates has yet to release the amount of tickets they'll give out.

"We'll put the set in, test sight lines and at that point we will know the number of tickets. It'll be in the hundreds," says Peter Eyre, a senior advisor with the CPD.

More than 700 students registered in a lottery to get a coveted ticket inside the debate hall. The anticipation is palpable.

"I'm excited to possibly witness history and these two amazing candidates," says Freshman Kevin Miller.

"If I get in, it'll be a great opportunity to see two very powerful people, two very influential people," says Freshman Jeremy Heitz.

The CPD says the Wold Performing Arts Center is a perfect venue because it's modern, intimate and has great acoustics. It's one of the smallest ever chosen for a debate.

Crews say it's not the size of the location, but how well it comes off on air that matters.

"We're focused on the production for the tens of millions of people around the world. It will be a small audience in here on Monday night," says Eyre.

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