President Obama's visit to FAU creates buzz on campus

BOCA RATON, Fla. - It's not football or a rock start bringing out the crowds at FAU's campus Tuesday - it was President Barack Obama.

Stifling the excitement was impossible.
"The only words coming out of my mouth all morning is, I'm so excited, this is so cool, no really," says Pauline Holsker, a student.
Many were in awe and impressed that Mr. Obama stopped by. Having a ticket to hear his speech was a major accomplishment for many students.
"It's like a golden ticket, like Willy Wonka. Everyone is saying I got the golden ticket," says Bailey Hamm.
Several FAU Honors students took the Tri-Rail from Jupiter Tuesday morning to arrive early.
"We're skipping classes and as Honor students that's a big deal to us, but it's the President and it's an historic opportunity," says Rachel Blythe.
About 1000 others from the tri-county area were hanging on the President's every word about the economy and the Buffett Rule.
"We're here to stand with the President and say the one-percent needs to pay their fair share also," says Terry Scott, from Deerfield Beach.
They feel FAU is the perfect platform for that message. 
"With it being an election year, it's a great target to come to a college campus and talk to the youth of the nation," says Hamm.
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