President Obama to speak on economy at Florida Atlantic University

Tickets given out to FAU students by lottery

BOCA RATON, Fla. - It didn't cost her anything, but for FAU employee Brittany Ross, the ticket to President Obama's speech at Florida Atlantic University Tuesday, is priceless.

"I have it and will guard it with my life," says Ross.
She is one of 3500 students, faculty and staff on campus who will attend the event at the basketball arena. A lottery determined who could get tickets. Another 1000 tickets were given to White House guests.
While tickets were handed out Monday, no one was allowed into the arena as the secret service finished their security sweep.
Many guests say the fact Mr. Obama chose FAU to give his speech about the economy speaks volumes.
"It's important to remember how important universities are as economic engines for our community and here in South Florida, FAU has an impact of 6.7 billion dollars," says Jennifer O'Flannery-Anderson, who is planning the event for the university.
Students want to know how President Obama can make school more affordable. 
"Undergrad, medical school, by the end I'll be broke, so hearing anything about the economy and education would be great for me," says Vanessa Florivida, a sophomore.
His arrival is highly anticipated, one that ticket-holders say they'll remember for a long time. 
"It feels good, this will definitely go into my scrapbook," says Ross.
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