President Barack Obama's visit to FAU draws protesters

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Jon Taylor says college has gotten him used to being different. He's a Republican.

"When you challenge your professors with the opposing view you get the million yard stare from all his classmates," said Taylor, who is the treasurer for the statewide college Republican conference. "It's nothing new."

Out of a desire to see a sitting president, he entered the ticket lottery and won.

"This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," said Taylor.

But he was almost the only one sitting on his hands during the president's speech.

The overwhelmingly Obama- friendly audience cheered the president's lines calling for higher tax rates on the wealthiest Americans, Taylor just shook his head. 

At one point, he even got into it a bit with an Obama supporter.

"A woman leaned over and told me that she was in the one percent. She thinks she should pay more taxes. I said ma'am, write a check and pay as much as you want!" said Taylor.

Others tried to tell the president himself they disagreed with him.

Outside, as the president drove up, college Republicans offered him a visible signs of discontent.

"It doesn't come across as very nice when you disagree, but it's constructive because without hearing both sides you can't make an informed decision," said Jeffrey Arnold, the president of the FAU college Republicans.

Taylor heard the other side today, straight from their leader and his mind isn't changed.

"I applauded him when he came in. But when he started campaigning, that's when I stopped paying attention," said Taylor.

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