Police remind you to slow down in school zones

Officers target speeders on first day of school

BOCA RATON, Fla. - There is no flying under the radar in Boca Raton on the first day of school.

Police officers are taking aim on speeders in school zones. The idea is to remind drivers to slow down around schools and stop for school buses.

"We hand out a lot of warnings and we do see a lot of violators," Officer Ross Bethard, with the Boca Raton Police Department, explained.

Once class dismissed at Spanish River High School on Jog Road, it didn't take Bethard long to find speeders - both adults and high school students.
Police officers aren't the only ones who notice a change this time of year. Parents say traffic is totally different.
"It's crazy," said parent Kim Saslov. "I live five minutes from here and it took me probably a good half hour to get into the parking lot."
She is sure to be cautious picking up her daughter from high school. She says it's a matter of safety.

Students think it will be a while before everyone makes a habit of slowing down in school zones.

Bethard will only hand out warnings for speeding in school zones this week. But he expects you to slow down and pay attention all year.

"If every car around you is doing 20 mph and you're passing them, that may be a sign you need to slow down," he said.

He encouraged students walking home to use crosswalks. He said parents should not drop students off across the street. And a warning to driers: he will follow school buses to ensure drivers stop when the bus extends its stop sign.

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