Palm Beach woman is close friend of former Prime Minister of UK

Local woman spoke with Thatcher just two weeks ago

PALM BEACH, Fla. - Margaret Thatcher was no stranger to Palm Beach County. She visited in 1992 and was back again to meet with local republicans in 2005. One of the reasons Thatcher enjoyed South Florida was, a dear friend lived here.
"I had never met anybody so confident, and gracious I was blown away," says Gay Gaines.

We met with Gay Gaines on her way to the airport Monday. Gaines says she spoke with the former Prime Minister just two weeks ago. Their 25-year friendship started over late nights and early mornings working together for the National Review Institute.

"I think we became close because we're two strong women. I admired her and she knew it was genuine. and because I don't need sleep and neither did she," says Gaines.

Gaines says her friend didn't mind being called The Iron Lady, and it was that kind of resolve Gaines loved about her.

"She never waffled, she always knew what she believed in, she was consistent," says Gaines.

"Hard to imagine the Soviet Union was the evil empire then. They imploded without a shot being fired because of the policies of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, "says former Chairman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party Sid Dinerstein.

Gaines says she will miss her Sunday evening talks with her friend, and says Thatcher had a love that few Americans know about.

"She was just so passionate about what we had been able to do because of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. She spoke so fondly of Americans, she loved us very much, and I mean America and Americans," says Gaines.

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