Palm Beach County Democrats energized by President Barack Obama's speech

First lady due in Palm Beach Thursday

BOCA RATON, Fla. - With only a week until Florida's Republican primary, many people in President Barack Obama's own Democratic party in the Sunshine State were watching the president's State of the Union address very closely.

For President Obama, impressing a crowd of Palm Beach County Democrats was not very hard.

Dozens of local Obama campaign volunteers gathered at a home in Boca Raton as the president outlined his vision for America in his last State of the Union address before November's election.

Jackie Decarvalho is getting involved with a presidential campaign for the first time.

"I can't sit around and watch by the sidelines. I really needed to get involved," she said.

While she was watching the presidential address, she was also pondering how she could best help her candidate win in the general election against the eventual Republican nominee.

"You could get people more energized who might otherwise not be involved and might want to be involved," said Decarvalho.

When it came to the issues including repairing America's infrastructure, creating jobs, and strengthening the nation's economic picture both at home and abroad, not surprisingly, this group of Democrats said that Obama is the man for the job.

"I think the president has begun to lay out a plan for the future of the country that focuses on job training, bringing back manufacturing capabilities, and dealing with the long-term budget issues," said Obama volunteer Jerry Lind.

In Florida, where the housing market was among the hardest hit, where unemployment remains high and where the state is on the verge of a GOP primary, this group of Democrats believes Obama's vision can become America's reality.

"That it's achievable. That we are all in this together. And together we can get it done," said Lind.

The president's re-election campaign is already at work in the area. First Lady Michelle Obama is scheduled to be in Palm Beach for a private fundraising event on Thursday. The first lady also has stops planned in Sarasota and Tampa.

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