Owners more likely to surrender their pets than adopt one

Economy may play a part in giving up animals

BOCA RATON, Fla. - There's no vacancy at the Tri County Humane Society in Boca Raton. Bathrooms, offices even hallways are housing pets up for adoption.

Animals are being surrendered at an alarming rate for the no-kill shelter, more than twice the average. Owners are giving all kinds of reasons, but sometimes no reason at all.

"Every day is something different, but most we hear is foreclosure, people losing their homes," says Amanda Chussler.
Wednesday a woman surrendered seven-month old Milo for her friend, who was too distraught to go on camera.
"It's expense and she doesn't have time to play with it and take care of it," says Kayvena Dutreuil.
If adoptions were steady, the shelter could handle it. But that's not the case. Last month adoptions were down almost of half what the shelter saw two years ago.
"We used to have 100 per month, and now it's down to 44, that's like one per day," says Chussler.

And what's worse - some surrenders are bringing in more than one pet at a time. Two Yorkies were given up together last week
"Now instead of one relinquished we're getting both dogs. It's hard to get one dog adopted let alone two," says Chussler.

She says adoptions used to pick up over the holidays, but that's hasn't happened this time.

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