Oklahoma rescued dog finds new home in Delray Beach

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Okie is finding it  easy to adapt to south Florida.

"He adjusted really fast, the first couple of days he would sleep a lot but after that he adjusted right away. He would love the walks," said Rockafort.

Okie is Bryan Rockafort's newly adopted dog. He was rescued in Oklahoma in May, when the tornadoes touched down.

"He's so well behaved he just loved people so much when he first meets them he puts their arm in his mouth like their toys," said Rockafort.

Rockafort fell in love with the Great Dane the first time he saw him at the shelter. He visited the dog daily, until Okie got all his shots and was cleared for adoption by the vet.

"I would do it again in a second without even thinking about it," said Rockafort.

Okie was one of 80 animals rescued by the Tri County Humane Society. As of today, all but 5 of the rescued animals have been adopted.

"He really wanted that dog," said Amanda Chussler.

 The Tri County Humane Society's Amanda Chussler says cases like this make the job worthwhile.
"It keeps us going when we hear a success story to know that not only you changed that animals life, it keeps us going," said Chussler.

The 20 year old says Okie is adjusting well to his family, but when it comes to other animals.

"If he sees a squirrel or a cat  or a critter he goes nuts," said Rockafort.


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