New red light cameras now operating

In Palm Beach County

The warning signs are up and the warning tickets are on their way out for any drivers who run a red light on the Palmetto Park and Powerline Road intersection and Lantana and Jog Road.


For the first time in unincorporated Palm Beach County, the red light cameras are now flashing.


"I guess I'm not surprised,"  said Becki Longenecker who lives near Lantana Road. "It doesn't make me run my car differently than I did before, but I still see people running red lights so I don't imagine it making a difference. "


Palm Beach County Traffic Director Dan Weisberg said the good that comes with these cameras is the safety element.


"With any enforcement effort hopefully people will learn about the dangers of red light running and stop or slow down the amount of times that it's done," Weisberg said.


Many say the bad is the $158 fine that comes with it.


"You're trying to abide by the law, but you know that you're always going to get caught in a situation where you don't intentionally do something and you get ticketed," Don Vollmer said.


And then in some cases, there's the ugly which means a terrible rear-end collision.


"I've actually even witnessed someone slamming on their brakes so that they and they got rear ended," Longenecker said.


"Well that's been raised as an issue," Weisberg said. "Statistically some locations have seen some increase in rear-end accidents, but that's been offset by reductions in angle accidents."


The county is also working on placing the lights at other intersections such as Atlantic Avenue and Jog Road; Hypoluxo Road and Military Trail; and Lake Worth Road and Military Trail.


"I think it's more about money than it is about safety," Longenecker said.


If that's the case Longenecker along with other drivers said they worry if these will be at every intersection some day.


"If they bring in enough money I think that's exactly what's going to happen," Longenecker said. "And then it will be interesting to see the statistics are we really safer?"


Weisberg said he couldn't track how many warnings were issued Monday morning. He added that the county will receive a share of the fines along with the vendor and the state.


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