Neighbors in one West Boca community fight to keep beloved oak trees from being cut down

Loggers' Run given thirty days to find solution

BOCA RATON, Fla. - A canopy of trees along Ponderosa Drive in Loggers' Run could be gone by April. Large white "X" marks designate which ones Palm Beach County will dispose of first.

"The first notification was the X's on the trees which was like alarm bells - that means the destruction of these trees."

Martin Goodall learned of Palm Beach County's plan like many of his neighbors, just days before the trees were set to be cut down.

The county says the roots are growing into the walking path, creating a hazard.

"This is one of the worst ones here and yes it needs to be addressed. The roots have gone under the path, but we can address it without cutting down the trees," said Goodall.

This all started when a resident tripped on the roots and complained to the county. She didn't sue, but the county wants to prevent future lawsuits.

The Deputy Engineer for the county says Loggers' Run violated a contract drawn up 20 years ago. Now the county can remove the trees because the community failed to keep them maintained.

"It just seems a little excessive to say the least. There are car accidents and we don't shut down the roads, people trip and have accidents, don't take it out on the trees," said Edward Guarini, who lives nearby.

The county agreed to put its' plan on hold for 30 days so the community could come up with another solution. A solution that will satisfy the county and allow residents to keep the charm they've grown to love.

"What a waste, to destroy this magnificent tree. It's beautiful and it deserves to live," said Guarini.

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