Nancy and Joey Bochicchio Boca Raton Towne Center murders case update

Five year anniversary of mother-daughter killings

BOCA RATON, Fla. - JoAnn Bruno lives in agony over what happened to her sister and niece five years ago. Clutching a poster covered in pictures of Joey, Bruno made an emotional plea.

"Please give my sister and Joey peace. How can they have peace, in their last moments they were tortured," says Bruno.

Nancy and Joey Bochicchio were abducted from the Boca Raton Towne Center Mall parking lot on December 12, 2007. Surveillance video shows the last images every taken of them walking out of the mall around 3 p.m.

They were found inside their black SUV later that night bound and shot to death. Police have exhausted more than 1900 leads, but still no justice.

"We feel confident in the evidence we have, that if we can identify a suspect, we can tie the suspect to the evidence," says Boca Raton Police Chief Dan Alexander.

The investigation has taken police to New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Tampa. But key evidence, such as the gun used in the shooting, was never recovered. A sketch released five years ago was the only picture ever released of a possible suspect.

"Stanley and I promised her (Nancy) that we'd see this animal was caught," says Bruno.

The Brunos usually spend this solemn day where Nancy and Joey are buried in New York. They broke tradition to come back to Boca Raton, hoping it will one day bring them peace.

"I can go to sleep and know he's paying for it, instead I'm wondering where he is, what he is doing. Is he having a good life?" says Bruno.

The 2007 murders made such an impact on Boca Raton mother of five Michele McCauley, she came up with Trax24. A device registered with police and family that, once pushed, can track your location and call for help.

"It really bothered me. I could've been me with five kids, I was a sitting target in that parking lot," sats McCauley.

Now Bruno carries one wherever she goes, saying it gives her a stronger sense of security. She's imagine that if her sister Nancy had one, how things could've ended differently.

"I believe in my heart that would've saved them," says Bruno.

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