Mother urges other parents to get CPR certified

BOCA RATON, Fla. - A playful Saturday at the pool turned into a nightmare for Jennifer Richardson. The pre-school teacher and mother of three rushed to a child with her face under water. The family was at a children's birthday party in Coconut Creek.

"I heard a woman gasp and looked in her direction there was a child in the water we immediately pulled her out," said Richardson.

CPR certified Richardson started giving the child chest compressions, she says at first other parents panicked.

"It was a crowd of people around, some people were trying to put their fingers in her throat. People don't know much about CPR and how to react in that situation, because putting your fingers there is the worst thing you can do," said Richardson.

Richardson says people gave her space. She didn't even breathe into the child's mouth, sets of 30 chest compressions was enough to force the water out. 

"I went on to the second set of compressions and it started coming out and out and it was such a sigh of relief watching it come out," said Richardson.

Jennifer says she was startled to see how many parents didn't know what to do. She urges parents to take CPR classes, it can be critical in a crisis. 

"I could feel that woman's pain, it's devastating dealing with that," said Richardson, referring to the child's mother.

The child was taken to the hospital as a precaution. She fully recovered.

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