Michael Quick: Boca Raton police arrest suspect in St. Joan of Arc Church theft

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The Grinch caught on camera stealing holiday donations from St. Joan of Arc Church  on SW 3rd Street has been caught!

The suspect, Michael Quick, is charged with grand theft. The day after Christmas, detectives received a tip from a gas station clerk who recognized Quick from the video. 

When Nico Heine saw footage of a man burglarizing the Boca Raton church, he was sickened.

"It was personal," said Heine. "If he needed help he could have asked for help."

The surveillance video of the $500 theft also jogged his memory.

The gas station cashier saw the man's face and recognized a frequent customer.

"I said to a couple of other people, do you think that's him?"

"A couple of days before Christmas, it just felt right to put him where he needed to be before Christmas," said Heine.

Heine got Boca PD on the line, and before he knew it, Quick was arrested and charged with grand theft.

"I was so happy," said parishioner Marisela Marquez.

Marquez cleans the church on weekends and often prays there.

The theft scarred her to the point where she couldn't even walk back in to her own church.Now, she has a new hero.

"He was a great man, because we have to feel proud that citizens take care of each other."

And that's why Heine felt so strongly that turning in Quick was the right thing to do.

He has been to St. Joan a number of times, and had seen them in action.

"That church is known for helping people," said Heine. "People are late on their rent, they can go over and the church will help them out. People need help with electric, cell phone, families go over there, they provide clothing, food."

Quick is in the Palm Beach County jail, and is being held on $3,000 bond.


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