'Superheroes' carrying 'weapons' and bullet-proof vests held at gunpoint by Boca police

Fans of ComicCon were taking action photos

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Five young men wearing military-style clothing and carrying realistic-looking weapons at Mizner Park ended up being held at gunpoint by Boca Raton police Saturday evening after concerned citizens alerted officers about them, Police Chief Dan Alexander said on his blog on Wednesday.

The men were seen around 11:30 p.m. exiting a vehicle on the fifth floor of the northwest parking garage at 300 Plaza Real with weapons and bullet-proof vests, according to a police report.

"We are naturally concerned about possible active shooter and/or terrorist incidents, so our officers hotfooted their way to the scene, located on the top floor of a parking garage," Chief Alexander stated on his blog. "When the two police officers arrived,they found five males dressed in military-style outfits and armed with various firearms."

One of the 20-something men was dressed as the comic hero "Deadpool" and had two fake swords attached to his back. The other individuals had toy AR-15s, multiple toy pistols and military-style gear. They told police they were fans of ComicCon and that they were shooting action photos of themselves as two superheroes and two terrorists, according to the blog.

Inside their Toyota Camry officers found more accessories and toy grenades.

Chief Alexander said the "superheroes" were issued trespass warnings and sent on their way with some words of wisdom.

"I am happy that our officers were able to defuse this situation without any casualties. Let's be thoughtful and, of course, be careful out there," he said.

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