Lynn University prepares for debates as students, media swarm the Boca Raton campus

University issues 3,000 press passes

Excitement is brewing on the campus of Lynn University as the school prepares to host the third and final presidential debate on Monday.

Television and print networks from around the country and the world were out in full force on campus on Saturday. Crews could be seen all over campus testing equipment days ahead of the presidential showdown.

A spokesperson said Lynn University has issued at least 3,000 press passes, more than any other debate held in 2012.

"From Wednesday to today, it's extremely different. It's difficult to get in. You have to have credentials to go inside the gate," said Mary Hickey, a Lynn University student.

The attention and amount of staff on hand was a bit of a change of pace for students on campus who said they never imagined something this big would happen at their school.

"It's historic. I mean I'm going to be telling my grandchildren. It's a small school and it's a big thing going on so, it's exciting," said Gabriella Arrien, a Lynn University student.

The school took full advantage of the excitement, holding a 5-K race on Saturday. The university also put together a barbeque allowing students to take in all of the events of the day.

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