Lynn University lacrosse player tackles, detains suspected hit-and-run driver for Boca Raton police

Athlete says he was worried about his campus

BOCA RATON, Fla. - A Lynn University lacrosse player is being credited with helping Boca Raton police catch a suspected hit-and- run driver Wednesday afternoon.

Police say an officer witnessed a crash and started following a person driving a gray Corolla.

They say the vehicle turned into the university and ended up crashing into a trailer being pulled by a pickup.

The driver got out of his car and ran across the athletic field where Brandon Rothstein, a Lynn lacrosse player, detained him.

"I said I'm taking him down. It was like 110 percent. I wasn't going to drop my things to not tackle this guy," said Rothstein.

Rothstein is a senior and criminal justice major.

"I'm very territorial of our campus and the dude was just running through campus, causing a scene," he said.

When police arrived, Rothstein said they thanked him and took care of the rest of the situation.

"You know I think it's something that's in his blood that he had a real life experience doing. Hopefully next time he'll have a badge on him," said coach Bryan Kingsbury.

Police say that two people were transported to the hospital and one person was arrested.

Late Wednesday afternoon police identified the driver as 25-year-old Spencer Cohen.

Pictured: Lynn University lacrosse player Brandon Rothstein

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