Lynn University cleaning up after historic debate

BOCA RATON, FLA. - And the clean-up process begins.

Lynn University is in recovery mode Tuesday, after hosting Monday night's final presidential debate.

It took the university one year to plan the debate. 

The school has been setting up what it calls "debate city" for three months, and organizers estimate it will take about six weeks to clean-up and tear down.

Volunteers and employees began to clear away the media center Tuesday morning, where more than 700 members of the media sat Monday.

The actual debate hall is already in pieces, as crews carried away the set where President Obama and Governor Romney sat.

And chances are, if you were at Lynn yesterday, you probably posted a photo, a Facebook status, or a tweet.

And the university says those social media numbers are impressive.

Twitter says more than 6.5 million tweets last night used one of the official debate hash tags.

Facebook mentions will take a little longer to get a hold of; the school may know those numbers by the end of the week.

But media clips, including written articles or videos, topped 12,000 on the internet, and that's just in the U.S.

There's bound to be more globally because this debate had the largest group of international media outlets than any other debate.

"This is our moment, a lot of people were like, 'Lynn who?' and we are at this point saying Lynn yes, I think you know who we are now," said Lynn spokesperson Joshua Glanzer.

We also reached out to the admissions office to see if it's receiving more interest; anecdotally the answer is yes, but we're still waiting on those numbers.


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