What makes a $2 bill special? Lynn University professor is making a documentary to find out

BOCA RATON, Fla. - It can hardly pay for a cup of coffee, certainly not enough for a gallon of gas. So then why do many Americans tote around or collect $2 bills?

"You don't often receive them back in change. When I do get them I feel the oddity of it and keep them for that reason," said Kathy Bruckner of Lake Worth.

Bruckner says the unusual bill makes her smile. She has 25 or so at home she plans to pass on to her son. 

"I wouldn't spend them if I needed them, if they were the last bills in my wallet I wouldn't spend them," said Bruckner.

Lynn University Professor John Bennardo is making a documentary to find out why people feel the need to keep them.

"The two-dollar bill really has a magical quality to connect people. Whether it's sentimental value or nostalgia, when you use one something happens there, an acknowledgement, a reaction," said Bennardo.

Whether it's how it looks, feels or because $2 bills are not regularly used, you or someone you know probably saves them. 

"It's popular because it's unpopular. If it became popular, it wouldn't be popular any more, does that make sense?" said Bennardo.

He hopes the documentary will be complete in the fall. 

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