Boca Raton woman recovering at home after lightning strike

Sydney Rittweger, 22, was rushed to the ER

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Sydney Rittweger was resting at home on Wednesday evening after a day - and a Florida thunderstorm - that she will never forget.

A Palm Beach County Fire Rescue spokesperson said the 22-year-old  was standing in a puddle outside her Spinnaker Way home when a big bolt hit next to her.

"Somehow by the grace of God, you survived that day," said Joe Guerrero, who is speaking from experience.

Guerrero was carrying a fishing pole near the retention pond in his suburban Lake Worth development back in 2010 when he was hit by a big bolt of lightning.

"I remember waking up in the hospital in a neck brace and they were telling me, 'You've been struck by lightning. Try not to move too much.' "

Guerrero was lucky, but he knows some people who join this exclusive club of lightning strike victims are not.

"I don't really meet too many people that have been in the same situation. For her, I hope it turns out well," he said of Rittweger's experience.

Rittweger was also fortunate because it could have ended much worse. She was rushed to the ER at Delray Medical Center and released Wednesday.

"Every lightning strike is different," said Guerrero. "Every victim is different."

Rittweger's brother said Sydney is not yet ready to speak publicly about the incident because it 'zapped' all of her energy.

She is said to be staying in close contact with her doctors to treat what could be a minor concussion.




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