Licensed trapper captures a 9-foot nuisance gator in Lakes at Boca Raton neighborhood

BOCA RATON, Fla. - One Boca Raton neighborhood is breathing a little easier after a large alligator was captured and taken out of the community lake.

The nine-foot gator had been on the prowl for months at the Lakes at Boca Raton, where neighbors said ducks and other wildlife started to disappear.

Residents were getting nervous and that's when a licensed trapper was called in. 

For Calvin Carroll and Layne Baca, coming to the lake to fish is pretty normal.

But there was nothing normal about last Thursday when the two spotted a trapper pulling a gator out of the water.

"When we saw it from over there in the grass from how big it was, we were like 'oh,' and turned around and went over there,” said Layne Baca.

Baca and Carroll, with a group of friends, ran over to help.

Carroll said, "Each grabbed like an arm and a leg and a tail and we all picked it up and dragged it to the car. We would see him every day."

Neighbor Devin Labeur lives right behind the lake. He said the gator would rest in his backyard every day.

Labeur took cell phone video of the capture.

"He was on the hook across the way on the bank and by that afternoon the trapper came out. Started wheeling him in, a little bit of a struggle and that was pretty much the end of it," said Labeur.

The gator was shot and tagged.

Labeur said he's seen the gator around for at least six months.

He said it never bothered his family, but could understand the neighbors' concerns, especially after the ducks and wildlife went missing.

"This is a community and a lot of people are concerned about children and animals and it's understandable,” said Labeur.

Neighbors said they won't be surprised to see another gator around the lake soon.

They said the reptiles are constantly swimming through the canals so it won't be long before another one makes its home there.

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