Journey Church discounts gas 50 cents per gallon during 'Gas Buy Down' event in Boca Raton

BOCA RATON, Fla. - One local church offered relief at the pump Saturday morning.

The Journey Church lowered gas prices by $.50 cents at the Valero gas station on N. Federal Highway.

Church members starting pumping gas at 11am to drivers who got in line wary.

Regular price for gas at Valero is $3.99 cents a gallon.

Many consumers are still feeling the pain at the pump as gas prices spiked earlier this week.

Some places in Palm Beach County reached $4 dollars a gallon or more.

The national gas average is at $3.58 a gallon and according to the Energy Department, gas prices aren't expected to drop by much this summer.

This is the second year The Journey Church has done the Gas Buy Down.

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