Joe Biden visits Century Village in Boca Raton as part of two-day Florida campaign swing

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- Vice President Joe Biden started his two-day trip to Florida in Boca Raton on Friday before visits to Tamarac and Fort Myers.

The Democratic candidate spoke at the senior living community Century Village about the economy and health care reform.

Biden suggested that Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for president, would weaken Medicare and raise taxes on Social Security to pay for tax cuts for billionaires.

He said he and President Barack Obama had created jobs and improved the lives of Americans through the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

"Are you going to believe the guy ... when he says no, no, no, no ... I'm not going to affect Medicare at all? Or, are you going to believe me?" Biden asked the crowd of more than 800. "Are you going to believe the AARP? Or, are you going to believe the party?"

Some Century Village residents said the economy needed a quick and a permanent fix.

"I just hope it never comes to Social Security or Medicare and I am sure because of where we live, a 55-plus community, the people here feel the same way," said Hernine Fuhrman, a Boca Raton resident.

Nearby, supporters of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney stood outside of Century Village in protest of the president's policies.

Romney and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican vice presidential candidate, said they would "rebuild foundations of the American economy on principles of free enterprise, hard work and innovation," while reducing taxes and spending.

Last week, in an interview with WPTV NewsChannel 5 , Ryan said he and Romney would leave Medicare unchanged for current seniors and people 55-year-old or older.

"The best way to reform if for my generation is to give us a plan like we have in Congress: a list of guaranteed coverage options, including traditional Medicare," Ryan said. "Medicare subsidizes your premiums -- more for the poor and the sick and the middle income taxpayers -- less for the wealthy."

Both campaigns have crisscrossed the country and landed in this key swing state often.

The deadline for Florida residents to register to vote is Tuesday, October 9th.

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