Hurricane Sandy prompts closures, erosion concerns

Lake Worth pier already closed through the weekend

LAKE WORTH, Fla. - Gusty winds are kicking up the surf across Palm Beach County, prompting Lake Worth to close its pier. By Wednesday evening gusts near 30 miles per hour created waves too dangerous to swim in.

A city crew pulled up plans on the pier to protect it. It's no match for the 12-15 foot waves anticipated over the next few days.

"These panels are made to come up so they don't break the cement. We're flipping them to prevent them from falling in and us having to chase them down to rebuild them," says Scott Sanders, a facilities supervisor with the City of Lake Worth.

The pier shut down at 2 p.m. forcing fishermen like Victor Truong off of it.

"I like it, it's kind of windy. But it's also a bummer," says Truong.

"This is really cool, being from Iowa it's really neat to see this," says Abigail Hughes.

It may be neat to see, but the wind and waves are dangerous to swim in, hence the double red flags. It's also a threat to our beaches, some of which are already disappearing.

"When the storm gets north of us it generates a large swell and that chews up the beach a lot," says Palm Beach County Ocean Rescue Lt. Brian McManus.

He adds the erosion can also pose a problem for swimmers.

"Be careful with erosion, all of a sudden there's rocks where there wasn't, because there isn't sand anymore," says McManus.

The city estimates the Lake Worth pier will be back open on Monday.

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